Tacon Place

Services: Architecture Design
Sector: Terraced Housing
Location: Māngere, Auckland

Tacon place is among the first future developments to introduce medium density housing in an area that is predominantly characterised by low-density, standalone houses.

The aim was to create coherent, multiple units that both look back and look ahead, to compliment the traditional way and welcome the new. 

Therefore, the new tucked away homes are split into a group of 3 and a group of 6. The three units facing the existing houses in the area adapted and interpreted their features: gable roofs, large windows, types of cladding and spacious gardens. The six units across from them only adapt a few whiles introducing new ones with a touch of higher density living and immediate access to the park that lies beyond.  

This approach of existing – transition – new ensures that Tacon Place fits within its surrounding whiles offering something new as well.