Approach Architects is a design-led studio undertaking a broad range of projects founded in 2018. We have grown into a team from diverse culture spanning expertise in the field of interior design, architecture and urbanism. Research, experimentation and creative thinking drive our design process. We believe good architecture is to build a positive relationship between people and the city.

Design Methodology
Each project for us is unique. The geographic location, context, history and client’s demand constitute its gene. Our design result is based on our logical analysis, which including topography analysis, precedent study, market survey and typological study.

Poetry in Architecture

Use inconspicuous, everyday objects, and through abstraction, arrangement, create a poetic quality.

Material Selection and Use
We believe making a building “materiality” extends beyond the selection of material and must also include the manner of construction, the technologies and skills and the builder and the time place of creation.

Sofia Wang 
Director, Head of Design

Andy Wang
Co-Founder & Associate Director

Pei Wang
Associate Director

Linde Van Bleyenbergh 
Architectural Designer

Shelton Liu
Architectural Graduate

Alton Wu
Architectural Graduate

Jim He
Architectural Graduate


Yuzhou Chen
Architectural Graduate

90 Franklin Road, Freemans Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

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