Takapuna Development

Services: Architecture Design
Sector: Housing
Location: Lake Pupuke, Auckland

Situated between Lake Pupuke and Thorne Bay, all 8 homes offer both indoor and outdoor highlights that are intertwined within their design.

Due to the exquisite location of this plot, the main focus would be to try and capture as many scenic views as possible and to pull them inwards.
The open plan K/D/L layout with large glass sliding doors, and with all functions, staircase, storage and tall cabinetry thoughtfully lined up along both walls, guarantees a continuous and unrestricted view of lake Pupuke. The gaze of the homeowner can always meet the outside and look far beyond. This constant flow between in- and outside is further enhanced by, aside from the spacious garden or terrace, the integration of multiple balconies over multiple levels that are an extension on the living areas as well as the sleeping areas.

In whichever space you wander, the big blue water is always nearby.