54 Bayswater

Services: Architecture Design
Sector: Terraced Housing + Duplex
Location: Bayswater, Auckland

54 Bayswater is the new home of two spacious family-units, joined together in a duplex, and 6 terraced houses in between Shoal Bay and Ngataringa Bay.

The rectangular plan layout of 4m x 12m, terraced housing, is used to its full potential by placing all functional elements such as storage, staircase, powder room and open kitchen in the first part of the house, near the entrance.

This opens up the entire back of the house in one large area which is ideal for dining and reclining with unrestricted views over the garden. The space is further enlarged by creating a nearly non-existent boundary between in- and outside thanks to the fully glazed wall that merges them together.

A good example of thoughtful layout planning that allows a smaller space to turn into a larger one.